Friday, March 1, 2013

Qmmp with Winamp skin in Ubuntu

Do you remember good old Winamp, the media player good for everything and with a ton of crazy skins? Sometimes I miss it too. For the nostalgic ones or just for the ones who want to give it a try, here is a simple way to run winamp skins on Ubuntu.
Install Qmmp (Qt4-based Multimedia Player) from the Ubuntu Software Center. Qmmp is compatible with the Winamp clasic *.wsz  skin format, but unfortunately not with the newer *.wal skins. This is obviously a drawback but there are still a lot of compatible skins to choose from.
Go to winamp skins website and download a couple of nice skins.
Start Qmmp, open the Settings (Ctrl + P) and hit the Add button. Navigate to where you saved your skins and choose them.
If you want the original winamp skins, here is a version of the Classic Winamp skin and here one of the Bento skin.


  1. Links to these skins are not available!


      Enjoy :)